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Landscape Design Melbourne

daniel tyrrell landscapes has a whole approach to each design, seeking to create an ambience between home and outdoor space and pool, forging positive connections between clients and their new garden. All aspects of the clients needs, wishes and landscaping ideas are carefully considered and discussed to help form a vision of their project.
daniel tyrrell landscapes seeks to create an ambiance between homes and the outdoor space.  We aim to bring balance back to our clients outdoor spaces by showing restraint with hard surfaces while taking advantage of the ability to grow plants, and by doing so changing the way you will see your garden for years to come.
Plants are what we at daniel tyrrell landscapes are passionate about.  They are never static, always surprising and forever changing.  With good design and maintenance they will offer something new each time you spend time in the garden designed for you.
As landscapers, we aim to bring balance back to our clients outdoor space showing restraint and consideration. We follow an ethic of sustainability and seek to use plants and materials suited to their surroundings, which will endure over time into a beautiful space. We are passionate about plants, in particular planting schemes inspired by plant communities that thrive in their natural environment.
A garden is many things to many people - sometimes a place to relax, to soothe the soul and stimulate the emotions, a place to entertain in or retreat to, or a safe haven for children to play and have fun.  Every garden designed by daniel tyrrell landscapes is tailored to its surroundings, and most importantly to the people who use and enjoy it.
It is always our aim to ensure all aspects of the clients needs and wishes are carefully considered and discussed when plans go from paper to soil, including budget, lifestyle and function.

daniel tyrrell landscapes was established in 2003 and is based in St Kilda.  Over the past twelve years Daniel has forged a reputation in the design and construction of high end gardens throughout Melbourne.

With his years of experience and expertise in landscape design in Melbourne, Daniel can ensure that your project will run smoothly from start to finish. Once the planning process has been completed, we hand the construction to our favoured, registered contractors to complete. Daniel is available throughout the construction process to make sure that that the integrity of the project is seen through to the end.
daniel tyrrell landscapes is a leading, award winning studio based in St Kilda with a reputation in creating spaces that offer a rich and multi-layered experience. Daniel has 18 years of experience in the industry, 12 of these have been in his own business.